Allen Cuccaro, President, and CEO

Al is the visionary at SIMSON Products Company. Having been in the manufacturing space since he was a young boy, he not only provides technical leadership in and around the shop, he also leads by example. Often times you’ll find him in the shop helping the team or maybe you’ll find him at his desk defining strategy for a new project. He is not only a hands-on leader; he provides sound solutions to complex problems and difficult processes. Al provides the necessary leadership to keep shop operations running on all cylinders.

Michael Frank, Partner, CFO

Mike provides financial strategy and directs all supply chain activities at SIMSON Products Company. Mike’s business approach has proven vital to ensuring the financial health of the company as well as ensuring that customers receive their orders on time. Mike, too, has been in the manufacturing space all of his life. When he’s not in the front office, you’ll often find him in the shop assisting the team, and you just might also find him working in the shop over the weekend. Mike works tirelessly to ensure products are delivered on time and on budget.

Peter Albrycht, Partner, COO

Pete is the mover and shaker at SIMSON Products Company. Pete stays one step ahead by preparing tomorrow’s work today. Like his partners, Pete has been in manufacturing throughout his professional life. He has been involved in every aspect of manufacturing processes, and he understands what it takes to get the job done. That lends itself well to providing accurate and fair pricing for his customers. Pete’s ability to focus on customer needs, and his relationship-based approach has contributed to the many years of success at SIMSON.